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Take MY ExamDec 01, 2014 Fissured tongue also known as “scrotal tongue,” “lingua plicata,” “Plicated tongue,” quiz help “furrowed tongue” is exam help benign condition characterized by deep grooves fissures in the dorsum of the tongue. Depapillated tongue: Soreness of the tongue, or more typically inflammation with depapillation of the dorsal surface of the tongue loss of the lingual papillae, smooth quiz help erythematous reddened floor 2. Deficiency of vitamin B12, can cause Mouth quiz help tongue cuts. Oral thrush feels like exam help white coating on the tongue. CAUSES OF DRY MOUTH AT NIGHT. White coated tongue is exam help common oral problem of many folks. A bake sale could even be covered during this assignment exam help advantage exam help local charity. Close the development with scholars reading one of Dr. Kings speeches. Do Something Provides the tools quiz help components for you exam help convert your ideas quiz help energy into effective action. Generation On Inspires, equips, quiz help mobilizes youth exam help take action that adjustments the realm quiz help themselves via service. Learn more about their programs quiz help components!Youth Service America Manages, among other courses, Global Youth Service Day quiz help the Semester of Service.